Stock Sales Order Assignments Tab

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The [ Stock | Sales Order Assignments ] tab lists those sales orders that have stock assigned to them. When a sales order is saved, stock is assigned to it if:

  • the stock item is stock-controlled; and
  • stock is available.

Once a sales order's invoice has been issued, the assignment will be cleared and the stock will be booked out of the system.

The [ Stock | Sales Order Assignments ] screen consists of two areas:

Top Filters

There are four filter options:

  • Show For Current radio button: is enabled by default. This limits the results to the stock item currently loaded.
  • Show All radio button: if enabled, the resulting information in the grid will include assignments for ALL stock items.
  • Show Assigned:
    • If ticked then only Sales Orders with Stock Items that are partially or fully assigned will be displayed.
    • If unticked then ALL Stock Items on Sales Orders currently being processed will be displayed, regardless of whether or not stock has been assigned to them.
  • Site: can be used to display stock assignments for different sites set up within the user's Khaos Control including the option to view all sites.


The grid column headings are:

  • SO#: the Sale Order number that the currently focused on stock item belongs to.
  • Stock Description: the short description for the stock item.
  • Sold: the number of the stock item that was input (Sold) on the Sales Order.
  • Assigned: the number of that particular stock item which is assigned to the Sales Order.
  • Sent: shows part shipment of Sales Orders and displays how much has already been sent to the customer.
  • Site: shows which site the Sales Orders was placed (and is being processed) at.

Context Menu

The right-click context menu offers the following options:

  • Goto Customer: opens the Customer [ Customer | Detail | General ] tab that the user is currently focused on.
  • Goto Sales Order: opens the Sales Order [ Sales Order | Detail | Main ] tab that the user is currently focused on.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Hints & Tips

Outstanding Unassigned Stock by Stock ItemThis simple query and sort as described below will help to show the user possible stock reassignments en-masse.

  1. Uncheck the 'Show Assigned' checkbox
  2. Select the 'Show All' Radio button
  3. Click on the 'Stock Description' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort) or focus in the column and press Ctrl+D
  4. Hold Shift and click on the 'SO #' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort)
  5. Hold Shift and click on the 'Sold' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort)
  6. Hold Shift and click on the 'Assigned' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort)
  7. Click on the grid menu and choose 'Print Grid', name the report or select a template if one already exists and click ok to print the document.

Note: The Ctrl+D to sort a column only work with a single sort and will not work with multiple sorts

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