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The [ Stock | Sales Order Assignments ] tab lists those sales orders that have stock assigned to them. When a sales order is saved, stock is assigned to it if:

  • the stock item is stock-controlled; and
  • stock is available.

Once a sales order's invoice has been issued, the assignment will be cleared and the stock will be booked out of the system.

The [ Stock | Sales Order Assignments ] screen consists of two areas:

Top Filters

There are four filter options:

  • Show For Current radio button: is enabled by default. This limits the results to the stock item currently loaded.
  • Show All radio button: if enabled, the resulting information in the grid will include assignments for ALL stock items.
  • Show Assigned:
    • If a tri-state checkbox, set to the "on" setting. ticked then only Sales Orders with Stock Items that are partially or fully assigned will be displayed.
    • If a tri-state checkbox, set to the "off" setting unticked then ALL Stock Items on Sales Orders currently being processed will be displayed, regardless of whether or not stock has been assigned to them.
  • Site: can be used to display stock assignments for different sites set up within the user's Khaos Control including the option to view all sites.


The grid column headings are:

  • SO#: the Sale Order number that the currently focused on stock item belongs to.
  • Stock Description: the short description for the stock item.
  • Sold: the number of the stock item that was input (Sold) on the Sales Order.
  • Assigned: the number of that particular stock item which is assigned to the Sales Order.
  • Sent: shows part shipment of Sales Orders and displays how much has already been sent to the customer.
  • Site: shows which site the Sales Orders was placed (and is being processed) at.

Context Menu

The right-click context menu offers the following options:

  • Goto Customer: opens the Customer [ Customer | Detail | General ] tab that the user is currently focused on.
  • Goto Sales Order: opens the Sales Order [ Sales Order | Detail | Main ] tab that the user is currently focused on.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Hints & Tips

Outstanding Unassigned Stock by Stock Item This simple query and sort as described below will help to show the user possible stock reassignments en-masse.

  1. Uncheck the 'Show Assigned' checkbox
  2. Select the 'Show All' Radio button
  3. Click on the 'Stock Description' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort) or focus in the column and press Ctrl+D
  4. Hold  Shift and click on the 'SO #' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort)
  5. Hold  Shift and click on the 'Sold' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort)
  6. Hold  Shift and click on the 'Assigned' column to sort in an ascending manner (1-3,A-Z sort)
  7. Click on the grid menu and choose 'Print Grid', name the report or select a template if one already exists and click ok to print the document.

Note: The Ctrl+D to sort a column only work with a single sort and will not work with multiple sorts

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