HQ Users

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HQ users have the "HQ" checkbox ticked on the [ System Data | Users | User Permissions ] dialog.

Although it now has a wider use as a 'manager' permission, the HQ permission was originally created to restrict access to Khaos Control's financial management features. Its use should be restricted to those managers who need to control your business' financial data
Note: the built-in Keystone Software account used by Keystone Support has HQ permission.

Additional actions available to HQ users:




  • Move a task to a new user
  • Delete tasks
    Note: you have to be a HQ user to delete the tasks of another HQ user

Email Manager

  • Edit pending emails.

Sales Orders and the Sales Invoice Manager

HQ User Housekeeping

To see all users who have HQ permission copy, paste and run the following SQL in the Report section of Khaos Control.

SELECT User_Name, last_login AS Last_Logged_In
FROM user_list
WHERE HQ_user ='-1'
ORDER By last_login DESC

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