How To: Financial Setup for EC Suppliers

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Setting Up EC Suppliers

To set up an EC supplier the following areas need to be configured:

  1. In the [ Supplier | General ] tab:  
    • Enter the company Tax Ref;
    • EC Company checkbox ticked;
    • Company pays tax checkbox ticked.
  2. In the [ System Data ] screen:
    • Currencies need to be configured including checking the appropriate checkboxes in the EU and Tax columns;
    • Currency Conversion Rates;
    • ICN Numbers; (optional)
    • Tax Rates;
  3. General

Setting Up the Stock Items

  1. In the [ Stock | Detail | Accounting ] screen:
    • Set the ICN Number.
  2. In the [ Stock | Detail | Suppliers ] tab:
    • Setup the suppliers, marking at least one as preferred.

Note: users can use the Block Change Selected Items from the [ Stock | List ] tab context menu to change the information held against more than one stock item.

Important Points to Note


Khaos Control is normally supplied pre-configured with the ISO-3166 countries and a UK zone (comprising United Kingdom, Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey) already present. Flags are set against EC countries to indicate whether:

  • "VAT applies" (Tax) and
  • The country is to be treated as an "Other Member State" (EU) for VAT purposes.

This should only need changing should you need to separate out territories (e.g. IC Canary Islands), zone countries together (e.g. EU European Union) or, for example, create England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as separate countries.

Running Health Check from the main screen's File menu should reveal any significant errors in the Country table.

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