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There have been significant changes to this screen.
If your screen doesn't look like this you are probably using an earlier version of Khaos Control.

The Update Selected Stock Items dialog allows the user to updated groups of stock items without having to open each individual stock screen, see How To: Block Update Selected Stock Items. It is accessed by selecting Update Selected Stock Items from the Context Menu in the following screens:

  1. [ Stock | List ] screen.
  2. [ Stock | Web Categories | Categories ] screen.


For more detailed information on the following fields please refer to the [ Stock | Detail ] pages. The options are predominantly (Red Traffic Light Filter /Green Traffic Light Filter traffic light filter) filters.

Note: changes will affect all green-selected stock items.

The Supplier options updated the [ Stock | Detail | Suppliers ] screen for the selected stock items.

  • Supplier: the drop-down lists all the suppliers on the system for the user to select from. This supplier can then be marked as the preferred supplier for the stock item(s), have their preferred status updated, be added as a new supplier for the stock item(s) or deleted from a stock item(s), depending on the radio button selected below.
  • Preferred Supplier: if BtnTriStYesXP.jpg ticked then the supplier selected above will be marked as the preferred supplier.
  • Action:
    • None: this option is ignored.
    • Update: this updates the supplier information, for example making them the preferred supplier.
    • New: this adds the supplier to the stock item and if the preferred checkbox is ticked also makes them the preferred supplier.
    • Delete: removes the supplier from the stock item.

  • Avg Weight: updates the Average Weight. For more information go to [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] tab. This can be used to calculate the total weight of an order and can be used to calculate Courier options.
  • Height: updates the Height of the items.
  • Width: updates the Width of the items.
  • Depth: updates the Depth of the items.
  • Picking Order: updates the Picking Order. For more information, go to the Stock Control / Other section of the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] tab.
  • Location: updates the Location. For more information, go to the Stock Control / Other section of the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] tab.

  • Change Initial Capitals button: change the the initial letters to capitals on all stock items in the system regardless of what item the user has currently selected. This ignores any the Stock Description Case settings in the [ System Values | Stock | Defaults & Properties ] screen, although all new items Case will still be controlled by that option.
    Note: Initial Caps Is Best Described With This Sentence.
  • All Stock: when changing the initial capitals of your stock does this apply to all stock or the stock selected in the [ Stock | List ] screen.

  • Stock Controlled: allows the user to turn on or off stock control for any selected item.
WARNING: Extreme caution must be used when using this stock update option. All stock movements and will be removed from the system and no accounting stock adjustment journals will be performed.

  • Options: listed on the [ Stock | Detail | Options ] tab. The Options area uses tristate options. Please see the following descriptions regarding their use:
    • a tristate checkbox set to ignore Tristate ignore: If this state is selected then the corresponding option will NOT be changed.
    • Tristate on (yes): the corresponding option WILL be applicable.
    • Tristate off (no): the corresponding option will NOT be applicable.
  • Custom Options: the above tri-state options apply to the same effect to the custom options as defined in the [ System Data | Stock | Custom Stock Options ] screen.

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