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Admin users have the Admin checkbox ticked on the [ System Data | Users | User Permissions ] dialog.

Admin permission overrides ALL the general permissions. Its use should be restricted to the System Owner/Manager
Note: the built-in "Khaos Control" account used by Khaos Control Support has admin permission.

Additional actions available to Admin users:

Accounts and Accounts setup


  • Controls access to Basic Reports Setup (where installed)
  • Allows access to Custom Report's Report Designer (this is a right-click option on various grids, including Customer screen, Catalogue Requests)
  • Only Admin users can configure the KPI Dashboard, profiles are used to determine the users that can view the Dash,


Email Manager

Menu Options

System Data


Sales Orders and the Sales Invoice Manager

Warehouse Control and GRNs

  • Allows access to various functions (including write-off quarantine) within Warehouse Control.
  • Enabled full control of Goods Received Notes (GRNs), please note that this is the only permission controller for this option.

Admin User Housekeeping

To see all users who have unlimited permission and profiles copy, paste and run the following SQL in the Report section of Khaos Control.

select user_name, last_connection as [last logged in]
from user_list
where admin_user ='-1'  
and profile_id ='0'  
and user_name <>'Khaos Control'
and user_name <>'Web'
order by 2asc

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