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For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Sales Invoice Other Actions Menu.

The Packing stage is used to pack picked orders into boxes or other containers. The boxes or containers can be stock controlled within Khaos Control. Once orders have been packed, the user can also create a packing report with information on which stock items have been packed into what box(es). The packing stage also allows the user to pack items into multiple boxes or containers that can be despatched with difference suppliers, e.g. This allows a customer who has ordered two items, one being a very small item which can be sent via Royal Mail and the other a very large and heavy item requiring special packaging and delivery. For more information see the 'Shipping' stage.


The following How Tos cover the setup and use of this stage.

Packing Bottom Action Buttons

BtnSiMoveNext.jpg used by default to move all or only selected orders that have been pack in the Packing Stage into the next stage. If the grid has been filtered (note the red square next to Filter F4 button) then the above mentioned rules apply only to the filtered (visible) orders.
BtnSiPackBoxes.jpg opens the Pack Boxes dialog box for the order the user if currently focused on. This gives the user the ability to pack items for an order into multiple boxes which have been defined as Packaging Stock Items. Fully packed orders are highlighted in blue, partially packed orders are highlighted in red and orders which are not packed have no highlighting (just standard light alternating grey).

BtnSiPackRpt.jpg This button generates a packing report for the order the user is currently focused on in the grid. Each page of the report shows the content of each packed box.

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