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Terms Hold is in the Future stage which is for orders with attributes which require them to be segregated from the main processing stages because if they were processed it would create a problem. The Terms Hold stage is used to hold orders for account customers who have exceeded a term of their account, this could be:

  1. When they are over their agreed credit limit;
  2. When they are overdue on the payment of invoice.

The system evaluates the above conditions at different stages within the system and releases stock on orders that have been held for a certain period of time. This is defined in [ Sales Invoice | Other Actions Menu ] - Edit Invoice Rules " Terms Enforcement tab.


  • The position of this stage is NOT editable, its position will always be in the future stage.
  • When a Delivery Note is physically being processed and the system is updating stock the user will not be able to Release an order from a future stage.
  • Depending on how the Auto PO functionality and "Stop Auto PO creation when outside payment terms" flags are set, Sales Orders that are destined to be moved to Terms Hold may not activate the Auto PO functionality (e.g. when changing payment type against a Sales Order, if the Sales Order is set to go into Terms Hold then the system may no longer create the Auto PO).
  • Users can be prevented from moving invoices out of this stage by setting up a password, see How To: Limit Users who can Release Orders from Terms Hold.
  • The value of a quotation will be included in the value assessed when the system is checking whether the order should be moved into Terms Hold. However, once a quotation is marked as Unsuccessful, then the system will no longer take the quotation amount into account with the regards to the customer"s credit limit, see How To: Mark a Quotation as Unsuccessful.

Terms Hold Bottom Action Buttons

BtnSiMoveRel.jpg used by default to move all or only selected orders into the Released stage.
Note: the system will only move orders into this stage when the following conditions apply:

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