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All orders that have been in a 'Future' stage (Awaiting Date, Awaiting Stock, Manual Hold and Terms Hold) move into Released so they can be reviewed prior to processing. Orders can be moved into Released from a future stage either by the user selecting them and moving them manually or automatically using an invoice rule.

Once held in a Future stage Sales Orders can only be moved into Released, not directly into any of the other stages of the process path for example Staging or Picking. This allows the user to review orders that may have been released automatically by the system before they are processed. For example, if you had set up the system to automatically release orders that are awaiting stock after five days, you may find that you have an order that contains stock that is due in on the following day. However, the order has been in the awaiting stock folder for five days and has been released by the system due to the invoice rule. In this case you would probably wait until the stock has come in before moving the order into staging so it is dealt with as a single shipment.


Released Stage Bottom Action Buttons

BtnSiMoveNext.jpg used by default to move order from Released into Staging. This action would normally be completed by a warehouse / stock manager after review all released items.

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