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For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Sales Invoice Other Actions Menu.

Staging is the first stage of the pick, pack and despatch stages and, by default, new sales orders with a fulfilment of 100% and a delivery date within a few days will populate this stage when they are saved. Invoice rules can be setup that change the default stage that sales orders and invoices occupy when saved. Orders that have been in 'Released' will also populate this stage.

Note: the position of this stage is editable via [ Sales Invoice | Other Actions Menu " Edit Process Path ].

Staging Bottom Action Buttons

Move Next button used by default to move all or only selected orders from Staging into Picking.


  1. As the position of this stage in the stages pane is editable, the next stage might not necessarily be picking.
  2. This action would normally be completed by a warehouse / stock manager after reviewing all assessed released items and all new fully assigned sales orders (assuming that default invoice rules apply).

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